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Proactively envisioned personal service and business solution based specialized expertise and technological growth strategy.

Vertex Planet Group was originated from a medical device company in 2004. 
After the success of importing and partnering with global medical device companies beginning import to Thailand, we expanded our services into other related healthcare business:  aesthetic surgery and dentistry. 
The new medical technology was also integrated to our services. Since we were stable providing healthcare services to the clients, 
we expanded the business to cover healthcare training for medical staffs worldwide to serve the high demand on the healthcare industry. 
We also provided digital marketing courses to ensure we could help healthcare business become more successful and move forward.

We aim to provide high quality services with updated technology. Life-long studying is also very crucial to keep updating ourselves for ongoing future success. This value of V E R T E X is driving us to the top in the industry.

Vertex Planet Line of Businesses

Healthcare Business

We are expert at healthcare solutions providing high standard healthcare services and healthcare products.

Education Business

With many global educational partners, we are able to provide numerous study fields to students across the world.

Digital Business

We are a digital solution provider making a big change for clients in the middle of the digital disruption era.




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